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Migration solutions for your company 

Consular visa service for many countries:

STARVISAS IMMIGRATION operates in the field of consultancy and legalization of foreigners in Brazil and has an experienced group formed by lawyers, administrators, accountants, bachelors in International Relations and specialized consultants.

This team is prepared to provide personalized services to citizens of any nationality who need to be in a regular situation in Brazilian territory, temporarily or permanently.

EFFICIENCY is our main characteristic as the result of years of experience in the OFF-SHORE and ON-SHORE market.

In addition, we offer advice for several other consular visas such as USA, Canada, Australia, among others and tax services for foreigners individuals. We develop a personalized service and our assistance covers the entire process.

Visto consular
Visto chines
Legalizar empresas

Legalization of companies in Brazil

Visto investidor

Foreign investment via central bank


Support for expatriates in Brazil

" Legalization of Companies consists of a series of processes that must be completed to regularize the situation of a business such as legal/corporate type, most appropriate Tax Regime, economic activity to be developed, Social Capital, among others. 

“ Provides the registration of foreign direct investments in companies resident in the country. What characterizes a direct investment with the obtaining of a permanent visa of directors and/or investors.  

Support for obtaining necessary documents for the legalization of foreigners such as: Issuance of RNM card, registration with the Federal Police, labor book (CTPS), driver license (CNH), CPF, among others. 

Visto maritimos

Visa for seafarers - crew members


Permit to stay in Brazil

Visto trabalho

Work visa for Brazil

" Granting of a work permit with purposes to carry out professional seafarer activities, on a continuous basis, on board a foreign-flagged vessel or platform, which will operate or in operation in Brazilian jurisdictional waters, with a period of stay longer than ninety days. 

" The residence permit is granted to the immigrant, who intends to reside permanently in Brazil, provided that he meets the requirements of the required modality, under the terms of the Migration Law (Law 13,445, of May 24, 2017) and its regulation (Decree 9,199, of 2017). November 20, 2017). 

"  The work visa for foreigners in Brazil allows the hiring of a foreigner to carry out remunerated activity with or without an employment contract in Brazil. 

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