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    Investor Visa


Foreign direct investment is a strategy for foreign companies to enter the Brazilian business environment. It is necessarily a long-term investment, carried out by an individual or legal entity not resident in Brazil, and is usually made through the acquisition of equity interest in a Brazilian company:


Brazil is one of the largest economies in developing countries and is the main destination for foreign investment in Latin America. In recent years, the country has undergone several reforms with the aim of eliminating barriers and simplifying processes for the practice of business activity. ​


The objective of these measures was not only to improve the business environment in general, but mainly, to encourage the entry and investment of foreign companies in Brazil. ​


We are fully capable of assisting foreign investors interested in starting operations in Brazil, or for Brazilian companies that want to negotiate with foreign entities, in order to provide all the legal certainty necessary for these operations and the applicable visa such as: investor and/or director visa.

Star Visas Team.

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