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Company legalization in Brazil


Legalization allows the regularization of the company's "CNPJ" number in Brazil. The National Register of Legal Entities is a legitimate identity document. It is used in most transactions that a cooperative carries out:


To be able to issue invoices, the company needs to have the "CNPJ" regularized. This factor makes it gain greater trust and credibility with suppliers. ​ In this way, with a better relationship between manufacturers and suppliers, it is possible to open up more negotiations and requests for installments.


The possibilities for partner choices and better prices are also increased. ​ Starting a business in Brazil is not a simple task, it is much more than simply drawing up a social contract and obtaining a "CNPJ" number.


The entrepreneur should reflect on the strategies, legal responsibilities and costs of expenses to legalize it. In addition, it involves many bureaucratic issues to open it. ​




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